Where do I train myself and how do I approach my training?
I train with the horses at Hergen van Hall and Rieky Young. These two instructors complement each other well. 
With Hergen I mainly work on the details of an exercise of a test. 

At Rieky, the starting points in the lesson are more focused on the basics and problem solving. In the lesson,  Rieky always sees exactly where the difficulty of the horse lies and find immediately a solving to the problem. 

I train my horses at my own location in Wapse. I ride the horses about 4-5 times a week, mainly working at the base.

Teaching and training your horse
I also give lessons myself. Do you run into a problem or do you need help with a training?  you can contact me.

You can also have your horse trained by me or brought out at competitions from M / Z level. In addition, I can introduce your mare at the IBOP.